Friday, November 14, 2008

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Strong password is the most important thing in present computer era. In present time when everything is going computerized then we need more security then that of previous time.

I have some tips for every web user for how to create a strong password. Below tips, will surely helpful for to make a strong password.

Combine letters, numbers, and focus on special symbols.

(2) Use your password as long as possible for that you also can use phrases that is memorable you and difficult for others, such as "Railway clock always shown wrong time". If website or computer does not support phrases then you can use first letter of every word and you will get a strong password. In our example it will be "Rcaswt", which is easy to remember for you but very difficult to guess for hackers.

(3) You can use symbols against word like:

  • Can replace 'a/A' with '@'
  • Can replace 's/S' with '$'
  • Space may be replaced by '%'
  • Can replace word 'o/O' with numeric digit '0'
  • Also You may replace 'i/I' with '!'
  • Or you can replace 'c/C' with '('

(4) Never use sequences like "
12345678", "555555", "abcdefgh",or adjacent letters on your keyboard like"qwertyu" etc.

(5) Never use your personal information like your name, your date of birth, your social security number, your family members name or date of birth, your flat number, or any thing that is directly related to you.

(6) Be aware of shoulder surfing- When you type your password slowly and people looking at you when you type your login name and password. For avoid shoulder surfing you have to speedup your typing speed when you use public cyber cafe.

(7) There are some websites that may help you for creating a strong password. One of them that i know is PASSWORD METER. It is a good website, where you can check your password's strength also it suggest you for make a strong password.

One good example for strong password is


I tested this password it on Password meter and result is shown below. You can try yourself.

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