Friday, December 19, 2008

Fingure mouse

You won’t find this mouse hunting for space under your desk or for that matter it won’t even hunt for any space on your desk too. In fact this mouse has found a perfect place for itself – it works while strapped to your index finger. This light finger mouse with a Velcro strap is ideal for people who work even while on the move. It fits on your finger while you are working or surfing on the Internet.

About 1/3rd or 1/4th in weight to the conventional optical mouse, it is best for using at home, at office, especially for mobile traveler. This innovatory designed USB Finger Mouse operates while strapped to your index finger and the button is operated with the thumb and it can work on any surface, such as clothes, trousers etc. Quite sensitive, this finger mouse works brilliantly on your trouser leg. You can even type with it while it’s still attached to your finger and shortens the operation between keyboarding and operating the Finger Mouse.

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