Monday, March 23, 2009

nano | Lakhpatiya car

Finally Nano is launched , Nano the most awaited "Lakhpatiya car". According to Tata sources :-

(1) The booking of Nano will be started from April 9 and remain open till April 23.

(2) Nano will come in 3 models as i told you on my previous post. One of them is Basic version of Nano and remaining two are its luxuries version.

(3) Base model will be 50% of production.

(4) Initial booking amount as low as 2999.

(5) On road Nano will cost around 1.2 to 1.3 lac

(6) One lakh applicants to be randomly alloted car.

(7) Delieveries from early July.

(8) Booking would be available in 30,000 locations in 1,000 cities across India.

(9) State bank Of India would be the qualified banker for collection of bookings in 850 cities.

(10) There would be 15 preferred financiers for the booking whose names would be disclosed in three days.

(11) The first 100,000 customers will be selected by draw of lots from the bookings.

Those not allotted would have the option to retain their bookings.

The customers who wait for more than one-year will be paid 8.5 per cent interest and those beyond two-years will be paid 8.75 per cent.

No interest would be given to the first 100,000 allotments.

The model would meet BS II, III and IV norms which are equivalent to Euro II, III and IV norms.

The 624 cc car would initially be available in three variants and can seat four persons comfortably and has the highest mileage of 26.6-kilometre per litre.

The snub-nosed vehicle will be available in one standard and two deluxe versions including A/c and power windows.

More posts on Nano will soon...........

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