Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wooden Temples of Kizhi

Kizhi, one of most popular tourist destinations is an island on Lake Onegain Russia. This, 7 kms long and 0.5 kms wide is associated with many beautiful wooden Churches chapels and houses. Surrounded by 5000 other islands, the access to Kizhi is by cruise ship. The main attractions of this island are the two large wooden churches and a bell-tower. The area inside the perimeter wall of the two churches and the bell tower is known as the Kizhi Pogost in Russia.

The Transfiguration Church built in 1714, which is said to be the jewel of its architecture, contains 22 onion shaped domes. This church also called as the summer church is the tallest log structures in the world with a height of about 30 m tall. Next to it is the smaller; nine domed Intercession Church built in 1764. This is also called as winter church. The third structure inside the Pogost is the bell tower that was built in 1874.

The pine trees were used for constructing the walls of the fabulous structures. These structures were erected without any nails or metal and were made with horizontally fitted logs, though they are covered by exterior wooden planks which cannot be seen. These extremely beautiful structures are said to be the oldest churches in Russia.

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