Saturday, June 20, 2009

Massage for india | India unite

I have not words to say about India and indians. In fact its to beyond the word INDIA. Many community live here. The two religion have most majority are Hindu and Muslim. There are always some clashehs between both communities. If there are any issue arised then tention developed in all over India. Is it Ram Mandir or Babri masjid, we have only loss in our hand. What we get after each riots? Is ram mandir recreated after babri masjid molt ion? Or Babri masjid rebuild after Mumbai blast? Riots benefit which one? As i understood Politicians and businessman always take advantage of riots.

Okay leave the, i'm not here to discuss about Hindu or Muslim Who is right. Hindus heve their points in their support and Muslims have their own. No body can decide who is right and who is wrong.

See balow pic, may be you like it :)



We are not complete without 'U' and 'I'

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