Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Helpline for Lesbians in India | Lesbian helpline

This is the first time in history of India, a lesbian help line opened. Yes it is true, can you believe this, that a country like India which is well known for its religious sentiment now having official helpline for lesbians.

In ancient time India having a open culture for sexuality. The KAMSUTRA and famous temple in KHAJURAHO is proof of the open culture of INDIA. But after the golden era of ancient kings foreigner came India and destroy everything.

Its not the point what happened in past, now peoples are looking open minded again. Recently in CHENNAI (India) The first dedicated lesbian helpline in the city started , indicating the urgent need for an outlet for lesbians, one of the most suppressed group among sexual minorities in the country. would provide counseling, support and livelihood assistance to lesbians through the helpline 044-65515742 starting February 7.

This means the people who are waiting to be heard and helped, can call us" said Indian Community Welfare Organization (ICWO) founder secretary A J Hariharan. ICWO is aided by Johannesberg-based NGO ActionAid and Sangama, a support group for sexual minorities in Bangalore.

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