Wednesday, January 28, 2009

IE 8 | Features of IE 8 | Download IE 8| Microsoft new browser

Yes, IE8 is released and knocking at your door. But what exactly Internet Explorer 8 does for us? Is is better then Google's chrome or any other Firefox3 or any other browser? Lets look what Microsoft says about its new browser version.

As per Microsoft the biggest news about IE 8 is its performance ,In short, the browser is faster in almost every respect. It loads faster, switches pages faster, and renders complex graphics and videos faster than in previous versions.

New InPrivate browsing mode, which allows you to browse the Web without having your browsing history stored for others to see.

Google's Chrome calls this Incognito mode. In Firefox, you can achieve something close to Incognito mode by choosing to clear private date from the Edit - Preferences - Privacy dialog box.

Whatever the name, the intention is the same: to give you a way to browse the Internet without enabling others to see which sites you've visited. Microsoft's InPrivate mode works as well as Google's Incognito, and it means never having to worry about whether the sites you visit can be revealed to those who snoop after you.

For those who frequently visit the same website over and over again, waiting for updates, IE 8 introduces Web Slices, a feature that allows you to be notified via IE's favorites bar when a site has been updated with new information.

for more information on IE8 you can visit

You can download IE8 from Microsoft website

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