Wednesday, January 21, 2009

how to prevent spam in gmail ? | what is Googlemail?|

Do you know when you create your gmail account you got many different mail IDs with your gmail ID absolutely free?

One of them is googlemail, for example if your mail ID is then you can use mail ID also. And the massage that will send to will delivered to's inbox.

But what it is stand for? or how can we use our
googlemail account? What is the use of this googlemail ID ?

Googlemail can be used for less spam reaches your Gmail Inbox.

Give the @ address to your close contacts (put that in the visiting card) while keep the address for public (put it on your blog). Then set a Gmail filter such that all email messages with in the header go a special folder so you will never miss important email from close friends.

Not only
googlemail but there are also few features of gmail that i experienced and wants to share with you, that are:

(1) you can see where your spam is coming from and filter it out if you register for websites like this:

you can make up anything and put it after the plus sign and it will all go to

(2)You can add dots (periods) anywhere in the first part of your Gmail address and it will be the same: is the same as b.i.
llgates@ is the same as b.i.l.i.g.a.t.e.s@ is the same as And most web forms don't puke when you enter an address with dots.

So enjoy a spam free mail account, use googlemail or any of the above trick(either '+' or 'dot').

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