Monday, February 9, 2009

Pics from POK | Kahmir pics

Kashmir is part of India or Pakistan? This qusetion has not answer, because this is the question of ego now, A question of mortality, nobody wants to blow down. I'm an Indian, if somebody ask me should we give Kashmir to Pakistan or Should we give freedom and leave our troops from Kashmir and leave Kashmiris alone then my answer is a slap on questioner's face. But if somebody ask me what is the solution of Kashmir problem? i have no answer. May be by mind, by heart i can say attack on pakistan and free the occupied part of Kashmir. But is it the solution? My soul can never accept it. May be same feelings is in heart of any Pakistani young man. But he/she also can't avoid sound of his/her soul which tells don't make Kashir a hell. Leave it as a heaven. Its not beneficial for anyone to rule on Kashmir. I'm not here for any kind of "war of words" or hurt anyone or do anything that is contraversiol. I'm here for just because today i got a mail in which there are some pics shown POK(Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) that is invisible for tourist also. See what world missing, the real heaven. It should be allow tourist there. Look below pics :-

Dudipatsar lake is still forbidden to tourists.
This extremely beautiful lake is located in Kaghan Valley

This is Mingora, Swat Valley

This beautiful lake is Karumbar. it is located in the Hindukush mountains

Ushu nad Utror valleys of Swat.

A Hidden Lake - Karumbar in PoK.

Another Beautiful meadow

The Beautiful Dudipatsar lake

View of Shangrila resorts & Lake

This is Deosai - one of the highest pleatues in the world.


another place - Lalazar

On the way back from Dudipatsar Lake

This is Shogran

View of the Bureth Lake

That beautiful places are hidden for tourist. As well as Pakistan occupied kashmir is still not safe place because of terrorists. Indian government (at least) trying for established democracy in its Administrative Kashmir. There are more wealth and money expanded on kashmir then any other part of India. I don't wants to hurt anyone but i have a question for Jehadis If you wants an Azad kashmir then why you wants that there should not be any Kashmiri Pandit alive? Do you think that you can make a Islamik world? then you are wrong dear. You must have to cooperate with Hindus siblings live in Kashmir. You should escape one thing from your mind that any caste or religion individually can rule the world. Please don't spread terror in the world and leave the people who wants to live peacefully.

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